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Food & Feeling Log

This food logging method can help you track your client’s foods and how they’re doing longer term. It can be especially helpful on a whole food diet. The client logs the following two categories: foods and feelings/notes. Instead of the free text style entry in the Food & Mood Journal, the client enters foods one at a time and it allows them to autocomplete foods as they’re entering them.

You don’t need to assign this as a To-Do Item and it actually works best if you don’t. Once Anytime Logging is enabled, you can just ask your client to log their foods and feelings and you’ll be able to see whatever they’re logging and respond to them with comments on their log. If they’re entering feelings then there’s also an algorithm that looks at trends with which foods are associated with them feeling bad. If they’re eating whole foods (as opposed to adding their own foods to the site) and logging feelings then it also looks for trends with food components (histamine, salicylates, fructose, etc) that are associated with them feeling bad. This last part can be helpful when a client has already cleaned up their diet and is just eating whole foods, but is still having a lot of digestive issues. You can also check out the Food & Feeling Log video where we walk through everything.

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