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Food Logging Comparison

The Food & Mood Journal is a great option in the following situations:

  • You want to gather a wide range of logging data as part of your initial intake process.
  • You want the extra information and clues that you can get from free text entry, where your clients can write anything.
  • You don’t need to see the data they’re logging until they’re finished.
  • You don’t need to respond to their entries in realtime while they are still logging.

The Food & Feelings Log is a great option in the following situations:

  • You want them to continue logging long-term and you want to be able to see what they’re logging whenever you would like.
  • You want to see data such as their most frequently eaten foods.
  • You’re trying to find patterns with the types of whole foods that are making them feel bad.

We recommend picking the logging method that fits best with your workflow and client intake process and then making that your default setting. You can do this by going to your ‘My Account’ page and then to the ‘Account Settings’ tab. If you are going to be using the Food & Feelings Log then set ‘Client Anytime Logging’ to enabled. If you’re going to be using the Food & Mood Journal then set this to be disabled. These settings will not affect existing clients but they will now be the default for all new clients.

The ‘Default Forms’ section lists the forms that will be available in the list when you assign a new To-Do Item to your clients. So if you’re planning to use the Food & Mood Journal, make sure the box next to that form is checked. (If you’re using the Food & Feeling Log, either as your main food logging option or only with specific clients, we still recommend just asking them to log their foods and feeling as opposed to assigning it as a To-Do Item, so in that case it makes sense to uncheck the box next to the ‘Food & Feeling Log’ since you’ll never be assigning it.) Now that your defaults are set, if you want to use the other logging option in a specific situation you can change the ‘Client Anytime Logging’ setting for that individual client on the ‘Client Info & Settings’ tab for that client. For the Food & Mood Journal, ‘Anytime Logging’ needs to be off. For the Food & Feelings log, ‘Anytime Logging’ needs to be turned on.

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