NAQ V2 Foundations & Body Systems

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When the NTA updated the core curriculum for the NTP program, we made some shifts in how the Foundations are categorized, such as nesting hydration, fatty acids, and mineral balance into the Foundation of a Nutrient Dense Diet and elevating the topics of Sleep and Stress as official Foundations. To align with this updated framework, we needed to make some adjustments to the NAQ and its outputs.

The original NAQ which you were trained on is still an exceptional tool and provides all the same clinical insight the V2 version provides, the information is just organized differently. We wanted to provide the updated version to all users, as some people may find they like some of the features we’ve added or the new way of looking at the data categories—but we expect most practitioners will continue to use the standard version of the NAQ and they will still achieve the same supportive results for their clients.

What’s New?

A quick highlight of some of the differences in how the V2 version presents the data includes the presentation of the Symptom Burden Graph, which will showcase a graph with the data mapped to the Foundations and a graph with the data mapped to body systems. We also renamed the Severity Report to the Priority Report and mapped supportive information from the Signs and Symptoms book to each question of the NAQ so it is easier for a practitioner to see things like indicated nutrients related to a particular question at a glance.

How do I learn more?

For those who are members of the NTA Practitioner Network, we will be holding a live webinar in August where our stellar lead instructor, Kim Morell, will be walking practitioners through the updates if they wish to explore using this NAQ V2 with their clients. We will also publish some general tutorial videos in the help section of Nutri-Q.

We welcome our NTPs to explore the updates, but also want to emphasize that the original NAQ is still accurate and is the appropriate tool for you to assess your clients with as it corresponds to the training you received and how the Foundations were framed in your education.