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Linking your Fullscript Account

Link your your Fullscript Account to Nutri-Q so you can view, edit and create new Recommendations within Nutri-Q.

Linking your Fullscript Account

Start by logging into your Nutri-Q account. Next, click on the icon in the top right corner and then click ‘My Account’:

Once on the ‘My Account’ page click on the ‘3rd Party Integrations’ tab in the left column. Next locate the Fullscript section and click the ‘Link your Fullscript account’ button to link your Fullscript account:

Select which country you practice in. (Fullscript is currently only supported in the United States and Canada.)

You’ll then be redirected to a Fullscript page where you’ll sign into your Fullscript account if you already have one or set up a new account if not:

In this example, we’ll demonstrate linking an existing Fullscript account. Creating a new account will also result in that new account being linked to Nutri-Q, but it will just involve a few more steps. After you click ‘Continue’, you’ll need to enter your Fullscript login information to authenticate:

After you sign-in, you’ll click ‘Agree’ to grant Nutri-Q access to the content in your Fullscript account.

After clicking ‘Agree’, you will be redirected back to the Nutri-Q site. On the ‘3rd Party Integrations’ tab of your ‘My Account’ page the Fullscript section will now show a green ‘Linked’ message, letting you know your account was successfully linked!

Now that you’ve linked your Fullscript account, check out the articles below to learn how to link your clients and create recommendations.

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