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Accepted Payment Methods

You can alter what payment methods you allow your clients to use when making a purchase. By default your Connected Account allows cards (credit/debit), Google Pay, and Apple Pay. We suggest always keeping these options on as they are the most popular. By default it also includes the “By Now, Pay Later” options. These allow your clients to pay you in full immediately and then pay over time to a third party through Stripe (learn more about “By Now, Pay Later” here).

Some of the payment methods are restricted to certain countries or region so depending on your client’s location some options might not appear for them. This screenshot highlights the “By Now, Pay Later” options:

You can update which payment options you accept by logging into your Stripe Connected Account and clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner:

Then under “Payments” click “Payment methods”:

This page allows you to toggle different payment options On/Off. For example, if you wanted to disable all the “By Now, Pay Later” options you’d scroll down to the “By now, pay later” section and click “Turn off all”:

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